Plastic play

Last weekend I decided to get out my stash of plastic bags and have a play. I made a large patchwork by ironing pieces together and then stitched it all together into a bag. I was going to keep it simple, but then remembered I’d bought some clear plastic, which I put on the outside to create a smooth feel and I lined it with some cotton from my hoard. In the spirit of recycling one handle is a leftover bit of pink webbing, which I matched with some red.

I’m working on a couple more pieces, one I’m aiming to make into a sponge bag. After all plastic has got to be the perfect waterproof material.

With all the scraps I’ve made another sheet, this time on the transparent background.

Once I was happy with the coverage I ironed a second sheet of clear over the top. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this one, but I love it.

I rather like those ripples too.

Just a safety note if you fancy trying this. I have a dedicated craft iron, which doesn’t do steam. You don’t want any steam, and I sandwich the plastic between two sheets of baking parchment. In the U.S. I believe people use wax paper, though I’m surprised it doesn’t stick. There may be fumes from the plastic, so if you are at all sensitive maybe this isn’t the craft for you, though if you really want to try you could wear a mask (not a fabric one – one that blocks fumes). A well ventilated room is also a good idea. I keep the temperature on the iron at a wool setting and I recommend starting at a cooler temperature and gradually increasing until you reach the desired effect.

If you decide to have a go I’d love to see the results.

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