Crochet catch-up

Early on in this blog I posted about a blanket I was crocheting. I’ve been meaning to show the finished result.

I decided not to do an edging as the ends would make a natural fringe, which I knotted.

The final blanket measures 2m x 94cm. There are 114 rows and it took about 30 minutes for each row, so that’s nearly 60 hours. It was usually only one or two a night. If I found didn’t have enough for a complete row I’d end up unravelling it. The next blanket I made for one of my girls I’d learnt my lesson and just changed colour mid row.

Here it is on our spare bed. In the background you can see a cushion I made using the pattern African Flowers.

Here is the back as well.

This shows a detail.

While I’m on the subject of crochet I thought I’d share a throw I made quite a while ago.

There’s a bit of a story behind this one. When we were students I made my then boyfriend, now husband, an Arran cardigan. It was enormous. We could both get into it! Eventually I unravelled it and made a crochet blanket out of it.

Being a chunky wool it was quick to do, but very cosy. The family kept trying to give it to the dog, which gave me the excuse to start the next one. It’s always good to have a reason for the stuff I’m making.

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