New bag for work

My boho slouch sling bag has been hanging on, but it’s only a matter of time before the strap breaks and the contents are strewn everywhere. I always enjoy having a good reason to make another bag and it gives me the chance to try a new technique. Much as I loved the last bag I made it smaller than intended, so it’s always been a bit tight fitting things in for work, so this time I decided to make a tote bag with plenty of pockets and space. Here’s the result.

Back of my new tote with the fabulous pattern showing.

I love this fabric. It’s an oilcloth by Amy Butler, which I got as a remnant. I’ve been saving it for a good use and the time is right.

The front with a handy pocket.

The base was also a remnant, but is thicker than the Amy Butler fabric. I’ve put a zip in the top, which was quite a challenge and not altogether successful, but at the third attempt I had to live with it. (That’s not including the first try using the spotty fabric, but it was just too hard to sew being thicker.) I saw a better method of inserting a zip right into the lining, which I think I’ll use next time.

Zip fastening

The zip is one of those ones you buy by the metre with separate zip pulls. They’re great because there’s no waste and if you like you can mix and match the pulls, but actually getting by the pull on can be stressful.

Inside with plenty of space and pockets.

You can’t really see, but inside is a zip pocket, with a recycled red zip, as well as three slip pockets on the other side for phone, glasses and pens – perfect.

The straps are 1 inch webbing which I bought as I didn’t have enough of any suitable colour. As it was a bit narrower and softer than I would have liked I added a lining to strengthen them. I think it actually adds to the look and hopefully will prolong the life of the bag.

Spotty lined straps.

Making this bag took me three weekends as the new diggely doggely takes a lot of our attention. She’s doing so well and loves playing with her puppy friends or chasing the frisbee.

Glorious afternoon having fun
Worn out from all that exercise

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