Getting ready for Christmas

It’s quite early I know, but I’ve been seeing some gorgeous wreaths made using felt. I have quite a stash of felted blankets and jumpers, which I decided to use. As some of them were not very felted I decided to stitch 2 layers together. After some trial and error I found that using bondaweb was the best solution followed by machining.

It’s easy to draw on the paper and you can get a nice sharp shape when they are vut out. These were then ironed onto a different shade of green.

It was much easier to stitch the leaves before cutting them out, as I realised halfway through. Originally I tried hand stitching, but soon realised that would take ages.

Once they were done I used hot glue to stick them onto some green garden wire, squeezing the base of the leaf together to add some dimension.

Pile of leaves and berries ready to go

Once I’d got lots of leaves I made some wet felted berries, which I also stuck onto wire. Then I made up little bundles.

Materials used to make a felt wreath

For my base I used a plastic ring I must’ve had for over 20 years. The joys of being a hoarder. I wrapped it with green florist’s tape (also been in my stash forever).

Finally, I positioned the bundles round the ring using the wire to attach them. To keep them in place I wrapped more tape round the whole lot. The last stage was a lot of tweaking, but I’m very pleased with the result and look forward to hanging it on the front door this Christmas.

Felt Christmas wreath

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