Altered Book

With so much on hold at the moment I’ve been browsing through past projects and came across a book I altered to use as a sketchbook. I thought I’d share the pages. They are mostly a mixture of acrylic paints and collage.

Gelli print and rollered pages
Paint, print,tissue collage and washi tape
Black acrylic base with gel pen pattern

I think I ran out of oomph on this one.

More collage including foil, which has been coloured.
Detail showing foil and gel pen doodles.
Print and stencils
Print, stencil, tissue and paper napkin collage
I cut a page down in the middle
Some metallic paint with print
Pushing my boundaries with fluorescent
Detail of collage
Mostly flowers
Print and some scribbly writing
This face was on the original page
Within the Wall – unfinished
Masking tape overpainted – also unfinished
My favourite – Gelli prints
Red and Green
Blue and Yellow
A bit of brown
Gelli print and collage

I hope you enjoyed seeing all of these. Stay safe in these difficult times and happy Easter.

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