Collage Play

We’ve recently visited Salzburg where amongst other beautiful things, I saw these amazing doors at the castle.

They seem to be made of a patchwork of metal sheets. I love the randomness of them. To start with I’ve done a couple of collages taking these as my inspiration .

Here I’ve used a few of my painted papers.

Some details.

With this one I stuck to plain papers in one colourway.

I’m sure there’s some kind of textile I could make here, possibly involving buttons. Any suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Collage Play

  1. I saw your work at the Wey Valley group today and was blown away by your sketchbooks and little pots, you presented some really lovely and unique ideas. It is great to see the door that inspired some of your sketchbook pages too, they make so much more sense now 🙂

    Being a feltmaker I immediately think of nuno-felt blocks in response to your question, or using the thickness of felt to create more pronounced steps at the edge of each panel. Where do you see this work heading?


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