Recycling and stash busting

I’ve been collecting worn out jeans for at least a couple of years and I’ve finally got enough to make a quilt. My plan is to sew 6 inch squares backed with felted jumpers and blanket. The great thing about this is I can quilt each square and then sew the whole top together. 

It turns out there was quite a lot of planning needed as I had to have a pattern. I’m not a random kind of person.

Layout for the denim side

I’ve ended up with 9 by 13 squares – a slightly odd amount. That’s 117 in total, so then I started cutting up wool.

Most of the squares

Wooly loveliness

Despite having loads of blankets and jumpers I still didn’t have all the colours I wanted so ended up dyeing a few extras.

Wool backing

This is the layout I finally picked after experimenting for ages and going back to my stash to get yet another colour several times.

I’ll post later when it’s done. 


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