Title page

I have a new little sketchbook from that highly tempting shop Tiger, which I use for a bit of doodling of an evening when watching TV. I heard some research recently where they found people remember things better if they doodle, so now we can justify doodling in meetings, talking on the phone or in class.

I decided to keep mostly to black and white, concentrating on pattern.

Layers from the shredder

I’m forever blowing bubbles

Triangles everywhere


Crazy carpet

Pebbles on the beach

Lightning strike


Under the microscope

Patterns in the sand

Doodling within circles

This is the page I’m playing with at the moment. I’ve given the pages captions according to the end result, but each page simply evolved as I messed around, which is the joy of doodling.

Has anyone else discovered the fun of messing around like this?


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