Beach inspiration

I’ve just started working on some pieces for Ramster, so thought I’d share a few pictures. Follow this link if you are interested.


This one is of the fabrics I’m starting with, some bits I’ve collected and a stitch sample. 

Stitch sample

The background is blanket and the samples are, working from the left, a pebble with shisha stitch, straight stitches over a pebble, silk chiffon needle felted, chenille spider’s web (not easy to do), chenille needle felted with some fleece to hold it down ( that chenille has a nice texture,  but is not easy to use!), silk needle felted (love that),  wool and silk spider’s webs, fleece felted from the front and from the back, prefelt with chenille over it, French knots, eyelet, cup stitch, scrim with fleece on back, whipped running stitch and ordinary running stitch. 

Sketchbook page

Stitch sample in sketchbook

These two pages from an old sketchbook have been part of my designing. They are from the beach at Tynemouth in Northumberland,  a favourite place.

Now I better stop prevarication and acully get on.


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