Great Getaway Bag

For my lovely sister’s birthday I decided to make her a bag. I’d bought some fabulous Ghanaian fabric at the Knitting and Stitching Show and got a bit keen and decided to make Lisa Lam’s Great Getaway Bag from her book ‘The Bag Making Bible’.Find it here on her site along with lots of lovely bits to buy and great advice. I’ve been wanting to make this bag for ages and it went pretty well, but it’s a lot of work. The enthusiastic reception has made it worth it.

The Great Getaway Bag

With the Diggely Doggely

There’s our lovely dog wondering if she’ll ever get a walk. Poor thing, she had to wait until I’d been to the post office.

Side view

The zip came from the Quilt Show. You add your own zip pull, so I mixed up the colours.

Handy front pocket

Internal zip pocket

More pockets, because they’re always useful.

The base showing the feet


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