The Festival of Quilts

I went to the Festival of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingham on Saturday and had a great time. I took loads of photos, but won’t put them all in as I don’t want to overwhelm you.There were some amazing quilts of all sorts.

Art Quilt by Leah Higgins


This was the winner of the Art Quilts. I think she used breakdown printing, which I have no idea what it is … yet.

Group quilt by Following Weeks

Modern quilt by Tracey Aplin

Loved the vividness of this one.

Modern quilt by Mandy Munroe

This is so simple, but really effective.

Modern quilt by Nadia Arbach

Just fun.

Pictorial quilt by Bara Bartosova


So appealing.

Art Quilt by Olga Gonzales-Angulo

This was amazing.

Anna Slawinsk

This was made by applying tiny bits of fabric. Fantastic work.

Baskets by Ingrid Press

It wasn’t all quilts. I’m a sucker for baskets. Hope you enjoyed my little overview.


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