Not Just Yellow

Apple leaf yellow

Here’s another yellow. I was hoping for orange. It is quite a golden yellow, but not the deep orange I’ve seen on Pinterest. The apple leaves are supposed to be fermented in water for a month, but I chickened out after 4 days. I think I’ll try again. I’ve got a lidded bucket I can leave in the garden. 

Shades of yellow

Here are all my different shades of yellow so far.

I have managed another colour using bark from a tree where the local cattle have been pulling it off. Looking it up I think it is alder buckthorn. I carefully followed the instructions in my Scottish dye book to try and get black, but instead got brown. It’s a very nice brown fortunately.

Alder blackthorn

It is actually pretty similar to my first dye experiment using avocado skins and pits. I don’t mind as I’m mainly experimenting at the moment. Also, one of the appeals of natural dyeing for me is to find native dye sources and avocados definitely aren’t that!

Dye bundles

This is my collection of other colours. Before I do any thing with all these lovely fabrics I’ve got to do some testing to see how light fast they are, so I’ve made some thread wraps, which will sit on the windowsill for about 6 weeks.

Lighfastness test

My next experiment will be eco dyeing. I’ve picked up a load of eucalyptus leaves, which will go in fabric bundles.


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