Tote bags


Vintage sheets recycled

I got the urge to make a few bags with a view to using up some of my fabric stash, so I’ve made a couple of tote bags. I used a tutorial fom handmadiya, found on Pinterest. Sorry I couldn’t work out how to add a link. I particularly like this one I made with a vintage sheet. Everyone talks about them as though they are ten a penny, but this is the only one I’ve ever found. The base and lining use an upholstery fabric given to me about 10 years ago by a neighbour. She gave me some gorgeous silks as well which I have yet to find the best use for.


The back

Here you can see the vintage sheet in all its floral loveliness.


Interior of the bag

There are two internal pockets and a magnetic snap fastener.


Here is the other bag I made using  remnants of curtain fabric. The base is made with a William Morris design called Compton – one of my favourites and possibly named after the village where the artist Watts lived and worked. I had a door curtain made of this in my first house.


Here is the back.


And here is the inside.
I hope to make more bags, but it is surprising how much fabric these tote bags use up, so I may do some piecing for the next ones.


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