Rose Corsage

About 5 weeks ago we had a workshop at Wey Valley Workshop with the amazing Michele Carragher. If you’ve seen Game of Thrones you’ll have seen the beautiful embroidery she has done on the costumes, but I recommend checking her website.

We were making a corsage she had designed for Nicole Kidman to wear in the film ‘Queen of the Desert’. Michele was so generous with materials and expertise. We had a happy day stitching, but it probably took me another 3 days worth of sewing before I finally finished it.


It is made up of a lot of different elements. We made the beaded bits on the day.


The petals are painted velvet with a wired edge and painted organza layered over the top.



Here you can see lots of different beaded sprigs lying over a spray of velvet leaves.


There are two types of leaves. These ones are embroidered over two layers of sheer fabric. There was a lot of work with these leaves, the spray of velvet leaves and all the rose petals which all had wired edges.


All finished with a bit of ribbon. Now when shall I wear it? That society wedding, Royal Ascot or a film premiere?


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