Handmade Felt Books


Stitched spines on my felt books

I have an embellisher attachment for my Bernina, so when I had a load of scraps of felt I embellished them all together to create a large piece of cloth. It took a while to decide what to do with it as it was so yummy, but in the end I made three books to sell at our exhibition.


Buckle fastener

This is the first one I made, to which I added a leather strap. The buckle is from an old watch strap (never throw things away!).  I made the strap using some scraps of leather and attached it using my new rivets. That was decidedly tricky.


Back of the book

You can see some beading on here. Felt and beads go well together. It’s the combination of textures. As well as felt I included some dyed scrim and various bits of yarn.


Twig fastening

I saw something similar to this on Pinterest and thought I’d try it out. I love the effect. The twig came from a beach in Devon.


A tray of rings

I also made these rings. Hopefully they’ve sold so I can make some more as I do like making them and want to try some new designs.


5 thoughts on “Handmade Felt Books

    • Hi, thanks for your comment. I didn’t wet felt these. They were needle felted using an attachment I have for my Bernina sewing machine. It works in the same way as the needlefelting I did for the brooches in a previous post, but is quicker. If you don’t have a Bernina there are various makes of Embellisher machines, which look like sewing machines, but they aren’t cheap.


      • Sorry just realised I completely missed the first line of your post! Thanks for your reply, I think I’ll definitely have a look into whether there’s anything for mine. I like the effects with needle felting but it is so slow.


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