Making Art Papers with Concentrated Orange Mate

I saw a technique by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer using a concentrated cleaner called Citra Solv,  which of course isn’t readily available in the UK. Its main ingredient comes from orange skins, so I asked in my local health food shop and found this.


Concentrated Orange Mate by Earth Friendly Products

It cost around £3.50, so I thought I’d experiment. For this technique you need the inner pages of National Geographic magazines. For the full tutorial check out my inspiration. http://balzerdesigns.typepad.com_designs/2014/07art-journal-every-day-making-art-papers-with-citra-solv.html?utm…
I didn’t have as much luck with my initial soaked/sprayed pages and some pages did nothing, but when I used stencils I had great fun.


Some of my papers


Using Orange Mate on cotton wool I rubbed through a stencil.


The one on the left is the same stencil as used by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. She recommends using stencils with large holes.


For this double page I used a cotton bud to rub randomly through a diamond stencil.


This one was more fiddly rubbing through all the different holes with a cotton bud.


Here I drew round the inside of a rectangular stencil using a cotton bud. I used a lot of cotton buds.


This is the same rectangular stencil, but using cotton wool and rubbing downwards to create a sharp effect at the top down to a fuzzy look.


Finally, I went round the inside of the round stencil with Orange Mate on a cotton bud. I used a black pen so that I could see the circles better, then using a scribbly sort of stencil l rubbed out a pattern avoiding the round shapes. I particularly like the right side. It looks sort of icy.


Here’s a close-up of it.
Now, what shall I do with them all?


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