Rag Rug

I started this rag rug as a sample for a talk I was doing at our local branch of Embroiderer’s Guild (now sadly defunct). It occurred to me that it would be good to finish it and use it in our kitchen to take off some of the chill for bare feet. I kept buying more old shirts at charity shops, but decided it wasn’t economical, so it was finished off using an old duvet cover, which I split and dyed.



Some of the shirts in the red area go back 25 years or more. There’s a skirt from about 30 years ago. I do hate waste!
One problem I had was that as it got bigger the edge started rippling. It’s got a bit flatter after a week of being walked on. I really didn’t want to undo it and restitch it. Hopefully it’ll continue to stretch and flatten.


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