Basket Weaving

I’ve developed a bit of a passion for baskets and have discovered people make them out of all sorts of materials, which appeals to my eclectic taste. For my birthday back in November I got a book I’ve been hankering for for about two years. It’s called Practical Basketry Techniques by Stella Harding and Shane Walter and is full of inspiration.
Anyway, here are some of my efforts.


This one is an example of coiled basketry. It’s basically stitched together over a core. I used tapestry wool over scoubi-doos. Here’s another picture of it.


I’ve also got a thing for paper and recycling. This one was made with folded newspaper and was coated with acrylic wax to strengthen it.



Then at Wey Valley Workshop we had a messy day where we ended up with big pieces of painted paper. (More of that in another post.) I cut one into strips and made another basket. I went outside my comfort zone and used fluorescent plastic to stitch a decorative edge.



Finally, I love random weave baskets. This is an ongoing project, which I will keep adding to, but it looks pretty good already. I’m using up my children’s plastic beads, scoubi-doos and bits of wire. In fact anything I think will go.



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