More flowers

I seem to be so busy that I haven’t been blogging, which is not to say that I haven’t been making things. Since I last wrote we had our Wey Valley Workshop exhibition at Bracknell. All the work looked really good and was very well presented. Unfortunately we didn’t have as many people through as we’d have liked. I didn’t sell any of my big pieces, but I did sell a few little bits and pieces. anyway for those who didn’t make it here are some pictures of my work. These are the only good ones, so I’ll have to take some more of the rest. This is the wall hanging I made with a detail.

Barcelona I

Barcelona I








This is a detail of Barcelona II, also based on Gaudi’s mosaic at park Guell. It’s an amazing place and well worth a visit. I have also been making flowers for our stand at the Embroiderer’s Guild Regional Day later this month. 

Embroiderer's Guild Challenge

Embroiderer’s Guild Challenge

These are the ones I made previously and photographed as a bunch. Don’t they look gorgeous in that blue jug!Sheer Flower


 This one came from a tutorial in Stitch magazine for a fascinator and is made using vanishing muslin with wire down the middle to stiffen it and detail added with beads.

Flowers in the Garden

The other flower in this picture is also from a tutorial in Stitch magazine, and is made using two layers of painted tyvek. I painted it with red/gold halo paint and purple/gold halo paint. These also have wire stitched into them and then they are heated with a hotair gun to distort and melt layers. That’s the tricky part as you don’t want to overdo it. I’m pleased with the result. I turned the leftovers into beads, which I haven’t photographed yet, but will to show you as they are rather yummy!

I was going to update you on the Design Challenge, but I think I’ll leave that until another time – hopefully not too far off, although this is such a busy month.


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