Flower Power

I’ve finished my bit of the design work and posted it off to my partner, so I’m waiting to see what comes back. I added some beads, but that was all.


So, then I decided I needed somewhere to keep all the bits I’m going to accumalate with this Design Challenge, so I got an old shoe box and covered it with fabric, so now I’ve got somewhere pretty to keep things as the grow. Here are a couple of pictures of the end result.


Look at those lovely yarns! More on them in a bit.


I’m pleased with the result, but was surprised how much fabric it took.

So, you saw those lovely yarns, well, I’ve been using them on my Flower Loom. I’ve been making red flowers for our branch of the Embroiderer’s Guild. It’s for our entry to the colour challenge for the Regional Day in July.


This is the first one I made with tapestry wool. It needs more doing to it. It could be a button in the middle.


Then I made this one with a lovely mohair centre and a ring of seed beads. I think this is my favourite.


This is made with a fluffy yarn and I tried an open centre, which ended up a bit off centre. I’ll be adding to this – not sure what.


So then I tried another open centre with a chenille wool and more beads in the centre. (I love a bit of sparkle).


More mohair in the middle and 1cm wide strips of sheer pink fabric. I love the contrast of textures.


Finally, this is a combination of plastic bag, raffia and wool with a raised centre.

If you want to try your hand at the flower loom I found this website brilliant. Just go to  http://www.knitting-and.com/and scroll down to Small Looms and Flower Looms.

I went to the Guild on Tuesday and everyone is making all sorts of wonderful flowers using different techniques. I’ve got my machine out and am going to make some more, assuming I can get to everything I need as we’ve got the builders in and alot of my materials are hidden under dust sheets!



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