Here I go

Well after much dawdling I am finally getting going on my first blog post. As I said in my bio I love to sew and I belong to a group called Wey Valley Workshop who meet regularly to learn through speakers and workshops  and to encourage each other. We also exhibit together and we have an exhibition called Structure, Surface Stitch coming up at Bracknell Galleries in Berkshire, which is going to be great! It runs from Tuesday 20th May to Saturday 31st May, so if you are around do pop in and see it. You can see a taster  here WVW postcard.

Last week we began a project to stretch us in designing, so I thought I’d share some of this process with you. We all had a large piece of paper on which we had to make different marks in a variety of media all in black – I used felt pens of various thicknesses, graphite and charcoal (very messy). We were told what kind of marks to make – scribble, vertical line, circle etc, and after each one the paper was passed on. After about 10 marks the paper was folded and cut to make a little book and then we chose a page where we could add a bit of colour – hooray! I do love colour. The whole page is too big to fit in my scanner, but here is the page I chose.    Design Balloon Original107We then had to quickly sew the image on a piece of fabric. It was supposed to be calico, but of course mine was cotton, so it was a bit floppy. I ran out of time, so wasn’t able to finish the blue line, so that it ended up looking like a balloon. We then swapped our embroideries with a partner and added something to theirs, before returning it. i missed a trick here as I had some fun stuff to sew on, but forgot about it. We then got our original back. This is what I got.



Homework was to take this rather unpromising bit of fabric home and to create an embroidery inspired by this, which is then posted after 3 weeks to our partners. Then we have to create a small 3D item from what we receive!

So, I bet you’re wondering what I did.

First I screwed it up and sketched it.DSC00040



Then I took a section to make a repeat pattern.

Design Balloon repeat pattern109You can see the section I traced in the top left corner. I flipped it and traced it to create the pattern, but I wasn’t very inspired. Looking at it now I can  see quite a fun woven pattern – the benefit of seeing it at a distance.

So then I took a scanned and computer manipulated image and added some detail.I told you my fabric was rather floppy, so on the scan they showed up in some fun cloud like shapes. Then I took my L-shapes and masked off a couple of different areas and coloured them in. (I love colouring! I got 2 colouring books for Christmas and I find them very relaxing.) This is the result.

Design Balloon manipulated scan110 Design Balloon tracing111

This is a bit more promising, I just wasn’t sure how I was going to stitch them. I could’ve got out my soldering iron and played with some layers, but meanwhile I’d done some coloured tracings of the original, which I then layered up in my sketchbook.

Design Balloon tracing 1112

After some fiddling I took this section Design Balloon tracing 2 113

and turned it into this Design Balloon embroidery114

As you can see I haven’t added the top layer, and I don’t think I’m going to. I may try adding some beads along the edge of the ric-rac.

Anyway, that’s the story so far. I’ll keep you posted on progress.


One thought on “Here I go

  1. Hooray, Jenny Parker is now online! So proud of you, Sister. And what a surprise, you couldn’t just make one version of the project, you keep going with the experimenting & playing in all sorts of forms & colours. I’m just imagining the state of your dining room table!
    Looking forward to seeing where your inventive mind takes you next.


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